Olivia Suguri

Olivia Suguri

Above all, do no harm. If possible, be of service. Former Fashion designer trying to bring my values to life by sharing what I learned in some of the world's leading schools (minus the abuse).

Sewing pattern: basic wireless bra

The process: I'm always saying that making clothes

Library of Basic sewing blocks

Pattern blocks for sewing & dressmaking. This page will be updated as I make new PDF patterns + video tutorial

Sewing pattern + tutorial: basic shorts w/ elastic waistband

Slowly trying to rehabilitate my creativity with simple, cheap and

The only way to learn about fabric

You found my blog, you got inspired... and what? You&

Luxury sweatshirt fabric guide

€695 for a plain hoodie that says Balenciaga. I see

Luxury t-shirt jersey guide

Picking up from where I left off over a year

Sailor Moon-inspired skirt

Other pieces and studies exploring the Sailor Moon skirt style

New playlist: my experience at CSM Fashion

Don't wanna read? Okay, guess I can keep

PDF sewing patterns: Sailor hat ("Dixie cup" style)

As promised on this video, I'm sharing the

PDF sewing patterns: Bodysuit

Continuing my sewing vlogs: building the foundation of my everyday