Olivia Suguri

Olivia Suguri

Above all, do no harm. If possible, be of service. Former Fashion designer trying to bring my values to life by sharing what I learned in some of the world's leading schools (minus the abuse).

PDF pattern: basic shorts w/ elastic waistband

Slowly trying to rehabilitate my creativity with simple, cheap and

The only way to learn about fabric

You found my blog, you got inspired... and what? You're

Luxury sweatshirt fabric guide

€695 for a plain hoodie that says Balenciaga. I see

Luxury t-shirt jersey guide

Picking up from where I left off over a year

Sailor Moon-inspired skirt

Other pieces and studies exploring the Sailor Moon skirt style

New playlist: my experience at CSM Fashion

Don't wanna read? Okay, guess I can keep talking about

PDF sewing patterns: Sailor hat ("Dixie cup" style)

As promised on this video, I'm sharing the sewing patterns

PDF sewing patterns: Bodysuit

Continuing my sewing vlogs: building the foundation of my everyday

Why Pinterest is lazy (according to CSM Fashion)

To be clear: 1Granary did not say researching on the

Applying to CSM Fashion - FAQ by the youngsters (16 - 21 y.o.)

I originally wrote about my experience at CSM Fashion as