I'm both a technical & artsy nerd who had the privilege of studying at Bunka Fashion College and Central Saint Martins, 2 of the top Fashion schools in the world.

Then I wasn't so lucky in my jobs, where I received tons of abuse but minimal support so figuring things out on my own became 2nd nature - which is not an entirely healthy thing, that's why I'm currently less passionate about Fashion and more into

  1. ethical and sustainable systems, trauma-informed psychoeducation and recovering from Complex PTSD (yes, you can totally get PTSD from a nasty workplace! It stays with you and can undermine your success at a new job);
  2. sharing what I learned as a conscious effort to turn my experience into a constructive, albeit not positive, one.

I hope your experience will be a lot better than mine, and I'm so glad I've been helping many internet strangers with my content:

Free resources by me

Portfolio and famous Fashion schools

Technical/ apparel design

I no longer work in Fashion and have no interest in making a new portfolio or collection, but I still make clothes occasionally.

My sewing vlog on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7hUw4Ugw4kPSH_GXj2V1_OXtPPZ-gOBG

Didn't find what you needed?

The guide above is not exhaustive of my content or knowledge, so feel free to reach out.
(although I prefer if you leave a comment on one of my YouTube videos, as it helps my channel and your question might also help other viewers).

If you're just starting out and need lots of help: please consider getting 1-to-1 tutoring or getting into a full-time course, even if it's not at a famous Fashion school.