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To this day, I haven't developed any secret method that I could package into an online course. I'm actually highly critical of these self-paced courses with no entry requirements, except your ability to pay $2,000.

I am available to provide the following services:

  • Mentorship sessions and Consulting: please choose one of the options below and email me;
  • Sampling and Creative Pattern cutting; Custom Tech Packs: check rates near the end of the page.

1. Portfolio advice (for Fashion school applications)

45-minute session = €79
2 x 45-minute session = €139

Assessment + recommendations on how to improve your portfolio.

We'll keep in touch via email for quick feedback, but I advise you to book 2 sessions to show me your portfolio before & after.

More info. and cancellation/refund policy - read here.

Ideal time frame: at least 1 month before application.
It doesn't matter if you mostly have work-in-progress, but if you're confused/stuck, or afraid you don't have enough work and time's running out, please consider the next option:

2. 'How to make a portfolio' pack

Try it: 4 x 30-min. sessions = €149 (use them in max. 1 month)
Create a short project: 8 x 30-min. sessions = €239
(max. 2 months)
Intensive: 20 x 30-min. sessions = €499
(max. 3 months)

If you've never been to a decent Arts & Design school, you're either obsessing over learning new skills, or over-editing your portfolio so it looks like a catalogue.

I'll help you create a portfolio that showcases your unique Creative Process, informed by strong Research & Design Development.

How it works: Choose a pack, and I'll get in touch with you to discuss goals, time and date, frequency... we'll use Google Meet for our sessions, and will keep in touch via email and Google docs/drive/slides.

More info. and cancellation/refund policy - read here.

3. 'Coffee date' consulting.

30-minute session = €59

You love my content, it's been so helpful, you're so grateful... and now you want to score a free 15-minute call? That's kinda rude.

Book this option to have a somewhat casual consulting call with me.

Send me a quick briefing of what you want to talk about: if I can't help you, I will say so and will not take your money.

More info. and cancellation/refund policy - read here.

Other projects (sampling, pattern cutting, Tech Packs)

  • Sampling/ prototyping: rates starting at €28/h (higher for luxury fabrics and couture finishing techniques)
  • Creative Pattern cutting: €35/h (includes either paper patterns or scans; or digital patterns in Adobe Illustrator .dxf file)
  • Tech Packs: basic fee €350; detailed quote to be confirmed, depending on the complexity of your design.

Verifiable testimonials from real people: read them here.