What to include in a portfolio to apply to CSM Fashion

Oh that first video showing my portfolio... so boring you could cry.

Also no advice for newbies like myself pre-Fashion Folio.

And it's still my most watched video, with over 4k views, while most of my videos struggle to get 100 views each.

I knew I couldn't let it end there, so here goes a follow-up video to explain more clearly what's this portfolio thing is all about, in case you wanna apply to CSM (and more specifically Graduate Diploma in Fashion):


In case you haven't watched the first video, let me tell you:

Not even I can believe how much I improved.

And all this in less than a year - of pretty haphazard effort, to be honest.

Thank goodness I at least started creating content for new designers, it's an idea that'd been nagging and whining in my head, and just wouldn't leave me alone.

And here you are, probably with some crazy ideas yourself.

Wanna know how you can develop them and start your own portfolio? Check out my one-on-one Mentorship sessions.


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