Sewing pattern: basic wireless bra

Sewing pattern: basic wireless bra

The process:

I'm always saying that making clothes is a pain, but then I can't stop...

Add to that a combination of being quite particular about what I wear + a little eco-paranoid, and I find myself doing stuff like remaking a €16 bra from Oysho (Zara's loungewear and activewear brand).

Now I don't wanna demonise Fast Fashion - there's a deeper conversation to be had when you can have pretty much any look you want for less than €50, but then it's harder and harder to afford rent, and prices at the supermarket are going on a similar path -  but the fabric on this bra formed a halo around my nipple in less than 6 months 🤦‍♀️

Compare it to my other sports bras from Varley and Jockey, and I have to assume this piece was purposefully designed to be kinda crappy, so it'd go on sale ASAP or just straight to outlet - it's a thing, you can find examples on Instagram @DietPrada, or a more detailed account of unethical Fast Fashion practices on @Clotheshorsepodcast.

The result:

I replaced only the cups with black t-shirt jersey, in 100% organic cotton, from an old t-shirt that's now a crop top.

I have a stock of frilly lingerie elastic from when I had my label, thought the black and white contrast looked pretty cute and also had fun imagining I could pass it as Miu Miu, if only I added a little tag on the Centre-Front.
Cause dreaming is free, and even if I had the money I wonder if I'd still be tempted to spend hundreds of euros on designer fashion.

Design variation:

Not a new design, but I made one bra from scratch using some lycra scraps.

PDF Pattern file:

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