Can life be more magical?

What to do if you kinda wanna do cosplay, but you also know that's really tacky.

About me
  • Rebranding reason #1:

    I used to be really into Sustainability, in the most naïve way possible!
    The Fashion & Apparel industry is extremely complex, and in the end you gotta pick your battle - after a lot of research (what I'm doing now btw).

  • Rebranding reason #2:

    What do I really wanna design? What can I actually produce and deliver with premium quality?

    I learned a lot with the good ol' trial and error, but it's time to stop playing around.

  • Rebranding reason #3:

    I don't wanna stop writing my Fashion Tech support content, but I don't have it in me to keep 2 websites.

    How to resolve this? We'll see.

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