Applying to CSM Fashion - FAQ by the youngsters (16 - 21 y.o.)

Applying to CSM Fashion - FAQ by the youngsters (16 - 21 y.o.)

I originally wrote about my experience at CSM Fashion as a mature student, meaning to help other mature students.

But most of the questions I get on my YouTube channel are from you people born after the internet was a thing - which is great because you guys have no prejudices against researching online.
(BTW Patrick Lee Yow, course leader of Fashion Folio, once called YouTube the best university in the world. Take that with a grain of salt, of course)

And not so great because having potentially all the information in the world at your reach at all times can make you feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated... and even make you kinda lazy, when you don't know when it's time to stop researching and start taking action.

Okay, not calling you out. That advice goes for me, as well.

Actually, all the stuff I share with you = stuff I remind myself everyday of.

So here go my answers to these Frequently Asked Questions by the youngsters who found me on the internet:

  1. I am (age between 16 and 21) and planning to apply to CSM; is your Mentorship suitable for my case, and what can I expect from it?
  2. What's a Foundation degree? Can I skip it?
  3. Which is better, Foundation or Fashion Folio?
  4. Portfolio questions
  5. Other highly emotional "questions"

Bonus advice: For God's sake, please DO NOT apply to only one course in one single school!

Nobody can guarantee you'll get into the course you want.

The tutors at Fashion Folio could not guarantee all the "good ones" were gonna get into their first choice; the tutors at Graduate Diploma or BA can't guarantee their favourites will also be Fabio Piras' cup of tea, just like they can't prevent their underdogs from getting into the MA.

And also: there's no guarantee you'll like or not like a course once you get in.

Be ambitious, but stay open to different possibilities if you don't wanna risk a gap year.