How to draw better & faster Fashion sketches

“Fashion designers don't need to know how to draw”

Said two of my bosses in my short stints at local casual brands, where we'd be copying pieces from Bershka, Mango and even Primark!

Those were boring days, making stuff that no one would remember after the next collection was launched (disposable Fashion in cheap materials, great for the environment!), and the worst part: if you got too comfortable and stayed too long in one of those jobs, you'll never have a chance at the cool brands.

Still, I do get why many seasoned professionals would say that Fashion Design has nothing to do with drawing, because the level of the sketches that most Fashion students and new designers are producing is awful - and I was no exception.

So in this video I want to show a bit more of how I use my beloved Fashion model templates to draw better & faster sketches during the Design Development stage.

This is great drawing hack will:

  • save yourself from drawing your least favourite parts, like face and hands;
  • make your designs look more believable, since they're drawn over a real person, not a cartoon;
  • solve once and for all the issue of the faceless dummy or the muse with only one eye.

While still allowing you to feature your artistic sensitivity with hand drawn/ hand painted clothes and details to captivate whoever sees your portfolio.

Try it:

Use my template - here.

Make your own: