How I made the collages on my CSM portfolio

It used to annoy the sh*****t out of me when people'd see my blog posts and videos showing my portfolio, and all they could ask was "How can I make collages?".

I go through this whole trouble of researching, writing and reviewing a long-ass article; taking pictures; shooting and editing videos (that are planned and scripted btw)... and all you can ask me is how to make a collage, which is literally cutting and pasting pictures together.

But then I think of my pre-CSM days, and that's always humbling enough to keep me doing what I do.

In this video, I share:

  • Why and how I started making collages;
  • How you can use collages for Design Development;
  • Different techniques I now use to speed up my process;
  • It's not all about making portfolios: how I use collages for the work I do today.

Liked the video? What are you waiting then?

I'm happy to entertain, but I know how ambitious you are to have gotten this far.

Don't turn this into spectator sports: get outta here and try some of my tips :)

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