Vintage overview: Women's tailored jacket - Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons

Plus free flat sketches!

Junya Watanabe tailored jacket - flat sketches in the end

 Fashion Tech support is now on Pinterest.

In the very recent past, I still had mixed feelings about Pinterest as for most people - myself included - it is a tool for wasting time pinning away aimlessly and calling it research (that post is coming).

As a Marketing tool, it's been very useful to see which pins have the most views. Between the technical stuff, only my flat sketch of a tailored jacket is receiving more attention so I'll try to offer more free flat sketches (in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015) in quick-fire blog posts, instead of full tech pack templates, which are very time-consuming due to my overthinking and over-worrying (that post is coming, too).

Enjoy the freebies in the meantime, save the closeup pictures to have as finishing references for tailoring projects in the future, print the sketches and draw your own designs over them!

I've also included the flat sketches for a more standard men's blazer so you can compare the subtle differences between the two pieces, and to add a little Christmas bonus ;)

Junya Watanabe vintage jacket (Back) - flat sketches in the end


Sleeve - fake opening w/ buttons Sleeve - fake openingSleeve opening - lining finishing 

Hand-finished vent and lining


Junya Watanabe vintage jacket - Back lining pleat (2.5 cm deep) Junya Watanabe - vintage jacket - lining and facing Junya Watanabe - vintage jacket - lining seam ease Junya Watanabe - vintage jacket - blind catchstitch

Care label

Junya Watanabe - vintage jacket - care label

Flat sketches

Junya Watanabe - vintage tailored jacket - flat sketches

Junya Watanabe, women's tailored jacket, men's buttoning for some reason…

Classic men's tailored jacket - flat sketches
Classic men's tailored jacket.

Click to download the Adobe Illustrator file.

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