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Olivia Suguri

Newbie-friendly Tech Pack

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Dream of making & selling your own designs?

I know what you're thinking: it's something so brilliant, but actually so simple... and somehow nobody's making it! How come???

While I fully encourage you to get started, I also want you to be careful.

Even if you found lots of friendly sales reps on AliBaba and LinkedIn, or the most legit One-stop service at a textile fair in London, don't be so quick to believe when they say it's all gonna be so simple. Simple for them, with all the infra-structure, knowledge and experience DOES NOT mean it's gonna be quick and easy for you - and definitely not cheap (you get what you pay for).

If you wanna start sampling and test out your idea, this is the service for you:

- Book a time slot for our first call;

- You'll also receive a pre-session questionnaire on your confirmation email. Fill it up and send to me so I can prepare myself;

I'll take care of the technical details like a designer, not a bot: how fast the work goes will depend on good communication, but if it's your first time doing this, consider 2 weeks to err on the safe side;

- We'll keep in touch over e-mail, Google docs and Google drive throughout the whole process. I'll also keep your files for up to 6 months after the work if finished.

* Product picture just for reference. Each Tech Pack will be customised according to clients needs and taste (new designers in small labels usually prefer pretty TP, big factories producing 1,000s of pieces per style will require super technical ones - but you're not there yet);

Is this the right mentorship for me? Watch my playlist about my different types of one-to-one mentoring.

Is it worth it? Check out my testimonials.

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