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Olivia Suguri

"Do I want to work in Fashion?": assessment + project

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Maybe you don't want a career in Fashion, much less a business!

This is not a distance healing session, and you won't have a transformational time over a Zoom call with me.

But if you're on the fence about Fashion & Apparel as a career, or considering further education at a famous school with exorbitant fees, this is a good starting point:

- Click on SELECT A TIME

- Book Part 1: 45-minute assessment

- In-depth feedback & proposal for a co-directed short project sent in 3-5 days: on an editable Google doc, where we'll be able to work together

- Part 2: 45-minute tutorial 

You'll show me the research and work produced after receiving the Google doc - we'll agree on a date.

- Please get in touch if you can't find a suitable time slot for your time zone.

Is this the right mentorship for me? Watch my playlist about my different types of one-to-one mentoring.

Is it worth it? Check out my testimonials.