Work with me - FAQ

You'll learn with someone who's not an overnight success.

Do you know anyone who's been waiting to have things figured out, doing one course after another to figure out what things she's gotta figure out?

Yep, that was me.

Think I have it ALL figured out now? Nope.

I'm starting my own brand because I couldn't stop my brain from going

“F*ck it, I just gotta do it already!
If I die tomorrow I'll be that person who had the best Fashion education money can buy and never did anything with it.”

I'm here to help with Tech Packs and liaising with manufacturers, of course, as well as to offer you the support I wish I had while creating, producing and launching my first collection.

I'll be by your side on this new industry you're about to enter because -- spoiler alert -- your dream might take well over 6 to 8 weeks - the time frame manufacturers and short courses love to advertise - to take off.

What you won't have to do:

  • Go through a boring curriculum on “How to start a Fashion Business” that won’t teach you real life stuff - like how to handle cheeky manufacturers;

  • Learn an encyclopaedia's worth of technical stuff you’ll probably never use;

  • Waste time aimlessly googling for answers;

  • Consider buying a ton of courses from my friends/ affiliates;

  • Ditch your crazy idea to make Fashion that makes a difference in the world: we're gonna figure out a way!

What you will do, one step at a time and with my guidance:

  • Become an expert in the things you’re already obsessed with;

  • Learn just the right amount on a variety of topics, and become a well-versed generalist in your Fashion niche.

    ( Think less Tech Pack PhD, and more Steve Jobs: you don't have to do the technical work, but you will develop a good enough knowledge to let the manufacturer know you have higher standards - specially the cheeky ones I mentioned before, who's trying to confuse you with technical nitty-gritty because they screwed up a simple t-shirt);

  • Find ways to integrate your big-picture message into your pieces.

    ( Can you tell already I'm not a fan of copycats and disposable Fashion that ends up in landfill after 3 wears?)

Oh - and no, of course I'm not gonna copy your designs. 

Being a decent human being is great for business, plus I'm happy with my own hefty body of work, thank you very much.

I usually got in trouble in my old jobs because I couldn't feign excitement when my bosses'd show me the runway looks they were eager to add to their own collection.


I've rejected clients that wanted to not only copy the designs from one of my clients, but also get a 70% discount because he just wanted the exact Tech Packs I did back then. Not cute.

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