Work with me

Mood boards, Fashion sketches, fabric swatches and Tech Packs are just the very beginning.

That's why I give out so much content for free - including my templates:

Now if you know it's not yet another free PDF that's gonna save you, I've got you covered with 3 simple services:

1. One-off Mentorship call

Fashion mentorship - Olivia Suguri

You've got specific questions, and no amount of Pinterest boards, Googling and interviews with famous designers seems to get you close to the answers you need:

Is that famous Fashion course worth all that money? Will I get my dream job afterwards? 
How long does it take to start my own clothing line?  Will the factory copy my designs? Will anyone copy my designs? 

Book a Mentorship session - and avoid getting sucked into the online vortex of generic answers.

The details:

  • Book online on this link;

  • Fill out a simple survey 24h before our session: write away, don't edit yourself;

  • You'll receive a confirmation email with the link to my Zoom meeting room;

  • We'll have a 45-minute call and time will fly - so be painfully honest on your pre-survey, tell me exactly what you wanna know;

  • I'll send you a custom plan with your next steps in 3-5 business days;

  • Then a follow-up email to check on you, sent on whichever date we agree: one week, one month, two months - you name it.

The price: €79

2. Portfolio advice

This is a special offer for Mature students & New/newish graduates.

A.k.a. the people trying to figure out if they should do the same course as So-and-so who’s working at Such-and-such famous brand in Paris.

The details:

  • We'll have 2 to 3 tutorials per week, 15 - 20 minutes each - just like you'd have at a top Fashion school;

  • You'll mostly work independently - again, just like you'd have to do at a top Fashion school;

  • I’ll also ask for advice from my friends in different courses or who’s worked in Fashion brands you like;

The price: €49/month

* Minimum 3 months, with the possibility to take one gap month in-between.

3. Subscription plan

Subscription plan - Tech packs

For years, I've helped small labels and total newcomers polish their ideas and get them into Tech Packs. 

And for years I've seen most of them flop, because of a deadly mix of indecisiveness (also called "perfectionism") when they needed to act fast, and impatience when they needed to liaise with factories.

And that's why instead of Tech Packs, I now work as your Friendly Fashion Geek on the side.

The details:

  • I'll dedicate a minimum of 1h30/week for you;

  • We'll communicate over email most of the time to avoid long, corporate-style meetings that go nowhere;

  • You'll send me your rough sketches and reference pictures, and I'll help you polish your designs, PLUS work independently creating templates, and researching materials, finishings, manufacturers etc;

  • I'll also give you resources to learn the technical stuff that's relevant for you, and Marketing - the two things that get in the way of most beginners.

Starting at €169/month

* Minimum 3 months = average time for polishing your designs, doing Tech Packs, start talking with manufacturers, order sampling, then receive the first prototype.

Pay in full = €450 (€57 off)


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