Fashion looks glamorous on the outside, but it's an everyday grind - just like any other career. 

And if you get into it for the wrong reasons, with the wrong expectations, you may spoil something you love.


It breaks my heart to see many hopeful creatives mindlessly doing mood boards on Pinterest; or take forever to do a Fashion sketch with weird proportions and a painful lack of relevant details... just to throw in the towel for good when manufacturers asks about their fabric, finishings, labels, i.e. their Tech Packs/ Spec sheets.

Even worse when people think they'll have it all figured out if only they can get into one of the top Fashion schools... then realise it's not a guaranteed magic formula, even though the investment is so ridiculously high! 

(in-depth spoiler alert on my blog and videos)

That's why I keep producing free content for my Fashion Tech support blog and my YouTube channel, besides giving out the templates I use for my own work:

Now if you know it's not another free PDF that's gonna save your ass (let's be honest: did you really read AND try all the advice you got from good ol' Google?), I've got you covered with my Mentorship sessions.


How it works

  • Book your 45-minute session on this link. (Why not 1h? Because in my experience, our brains just end up losing focus with too much talking. It's that moment when you start fidgeting with the pen, thinking what to cook for dinner or worrying about stuff you didn't do last night because Netflix);
  • You'll get a pre-session survey with a few simple questions. Fill it out 24h before your session. Write away, don't edit yourself;
  • You'll also get a ton of confirmation emails: confirming your session, reminding you a few hours in advance etc. Let me know if you don't receive anything!
  • These emails will have a link to my Zoom online meeting room. Get some pen and paper, get rid of any distractions and click the link when it's time for our call;
  • We'll have our 45 minutes together, and I'll be prepared according to your answers on the pre-survey - so really, don't edit yourself! Treat yourself to being 100% honest;
  • In 3-5 business days, I'll send you a custom plan with Actionable advice + Detailed steps you need to take to get (back) on track;
  • And of course I won't leave you alone with an ebook: we'll agree on a date for me to send you a final follow-up email, so I can check on your progress.

The price: €79

All good? Click here to book a Mentorship call.

Not sure? Check out my Fashion Tech support blog or my YouTube channel first, maybe I've already answered your question.

Just need Tech Packs or flat sketches/ specs? Get in touch to check my availability at