Testimonials from real people, doing cool things:


"I have known Olivia for a number of years, both personal and professional. She is a very talented and conscientious creative pattern cutter.

Her wide range of skills and experience makes her able to adapt to any given style, creating and explaining patterns that are not only beautifully crafted but technically well constructed and completely effective. Thank you for teaching me so much!"

Sophia Orlandi, BA CSM Womenswear graduate, former Design Assistant at Chanel

"Olivia is one of the best pattern cutting teachers and one of the most inspiring person I have met.

I learnt a lot about pants/skirts patterns skills from her even though having had only 1 month of teaching till now. She offers one of the best fashion (several skills for design development process) and pattern cutting classes I attended in my fashion studies education.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge selflessly and for your unbiased honesty."

João Machado, MA Fashion CSM Menswear, former Womenswear Design Assistant at Bottega Veneta

Tech Packs & Product development:

"Samples came out really good! The factory mixed up the colour on some of the pants, but generally it was all perfect! Couldn’t have done it without your help."

Joe Granger, Unknown London

"This girl is amazing! I am new to the tech pack world and Olivia was extremely patient and helpful throughout the whole process. I definitely will be using her for future projects.
Had a few snags along the way but things are coming together! Either way I have had a lot of enjoyment on this venture and she helped start that!"

Alexandra Hall, HipSea Swim

Other Projects:

"I’m lucky to have worked with Olivia Suguri (...) as a consultant for a specific project. She’s shown a strong ability in researching, developing an identity, market and trend research, and going through all the technical aspects involved in the realisation of this project.

I’m amazed by Olivia’s ability to incorporate her fashion knowledge into an artistic-based context, a skill she uses to full effect when presenting proposals. She had an important role in branding, packaging, and product development - and kept a great deal of interest and communication in every aspect concerning the company.

I recommend her to others looking for consulting aspects not only within the fashion industry, but also within any creative concept."

Vanessa Murrell, Co-founder at DATEAGLE ART and DATEAGLE STUDIO

"The actual making process was the hardest obstacle for me as my pieces are technically quite complex and they require precise hands and an extensive amount of time cutting and sewing.

However, I had the help of amazing friends such as Olivia Suguri, whose help saved my life so many times."

Arturo Obegero, CSM MA Fashion Womenswear alumni

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