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I don't follow Fashion seasons

When did we start accepting that seasonal change = time to buy new stuff?

Take winter clothes, for example: a good winter coat will last for years, and it's cool if you wear the same one or two coats the whole winter. 

Most brands just wanna churn out as many products as they can, so they need to make new seasons, pre-seasons, and turn everything into a special date.

Then do end of season sales to make room for a different collection.

Following trends and colour decided over 2 years in advance by… who cares!?

Why should anyone decide what people should like 2 years in advance?

Fortunately, as an independent designer, I can decide to play by different rules and ditch seasons to focus on:

  • originality;
  • long-lasting quality;
  • local production in fair conditions;
  • locally sourced materials.
And in time I plan to use only certified eco-friendly materials.

"Ooohhh she's a rebel."

Not really.

Notice how the fanciest brands keep launching new versions of the same It-bags season after season. 

Bags are very profitable (and shoes and perfumes, but definitely not clothes), so most styles remain almost unchanged for a long time because people take time before deciding to commit thousands on a bag - that they expect will last for life.

Or look at designer furniture: who wants to buy an expensive couch on a whim, when it's gonna be a key piece in their living room? 

Why can't it be the same for clothes?