Mentorship sessions with me

The mentor you want

The most reliable person ever - with testimonials to prove it (all verifiable btw)

You know in your heart you can make it in Fashion, but something is always missing.

Do you know what it is?

That mood board on Pinterest that leads you nowhere; the bold ideas in your head that you can't sketch; the design you've been toying with for months - years even! - but nobody seems to get right... 

I get you.

Every time I was about to start a new phase in my Fashion career, there was not only a higher authority, but also my own crippling anxiety to tell me I just didn't have it quite yet.

I got two very expensive degrees in two very famous schools; was somebody’s bitch in grossly underpaid jobs; freelanced for years before starting my own label - and still I was never technical enough, experienced enough, creative enough…

All I wanted was straightforward advice, but no one delivered it. 

For a very simple reason: in my desperation to "make it in Fashion before I was too old", I wasn't really looking for straightforward advice.

I wanted a guaranteed way to get a job at a cool luxury brand, and I wanted it fast. 

What would be your first step, if you knew there were no shortcuts?

Already tried every solution - free and paid - just to feel like something is missing again, and again, and again?

Get a Mentorship session with me and we'll come up with the simplest routine you can follow, that'll gently build your confidence to:

  • Work independently;
  • Assess your growth in a constructive way;
  • Own the skills you already have;
  • Feel less anxiety about trying new skills you wanna develop;
  • Prevent yourself from spending too much time obsessing over petty stuff (because you're afraid to make a hot mess trying those new skills you wanna develop);
  • Hold yourself back from buying every new book, short course, private tutorials etc (and save that money for your tuition fees in reputable full-time courses, or long-term projects that'll boost your career).

How it works: 

  • Book your 45-minute session on this link. (Why not 1h? I'm not that stingy, I wanna avoid too much tawk so we don't lose focus. You know, it's that moment when you start playing with the pen or reaching for your phone);
  • You'll get a pre-session survey with a few simple questions: fill it out at least 24h before your session. Write away, DON'T EDIT YOURSELF!
  • You'll also get a ton of confirmation emails: confirming your session, reminding you a few hours in advance etc. Let me know if you don't receive anything!
  • These emails will have a link to my Zoom online meeting room: Get some pen and paper, get rid of distractions and click the link when it's time for our call;
  • I'll be there early and well prepared - according to your answers on the pre-survey: so really, DON'T EDIT YOURSELF! Be embarrassingly honest, be a total drama queen if that's your thing - I'm sure I've seen or done much worse myself;

In 3-5 days, I'll send you an overview of our session, plus baby steps to build a sustainable foundation for your bigger projects.  

This is not an intense tutorial, and I won't give you loads of homework with a tight deadline.

It's also not therapy, or a magical healing call.

You'll still have stuff to do afterwards, even if it's just 20 minutes per day.

Doesn't mean I'll leave you alone with a PDF: we'll agree on a date for me to send you a final follow-up email, and we'll both assess how you're doing. 

The price: €79

Ready? Click here to book your Mentorship session. 

No way? I can still help you out totally for free, no strings attached.