Fashion mentorship

You know in your heart you can make it in Fashion… but now you're stuck?

  • You've collected tons of pictures on Pinterest and Instagram - but you're struggling to turn your research into original designs;
  • Your brain keeps coming up with new looks and concepts - but they look terrible once you try to sketch them;
  • All your friends say they can't wait to see your pieces, and you thought you had it all sorted out when you found that manufacturer with the pretty website - but apparel production turned out to be a lot more complicated than what their website said.

I get you. Feeling stuck SUCKS!

Every time I started a new phase in my Fashion career, there was always a higher authority to tell me I just didn't have it.

I wasn't technical enough, then I wasn't experienced enough, then creative enough…

All I wanted was straightforward advice, but no one delivered it.

I had to get two very expensive degrees in two very famous schools; be somebody’s bitch in so many underpaid jobs; and then still figure most things out by trial and error.

And that’s why I’m determined to save you TIME & MONEY and make it simple for you to bring your dream to life. That’s what I deliver with Fashion Tech support.

You can start with my free content - on my blog or on my YouTube channel, and you can get my free template kits when you subscribe to my newsletter:

But if you've been spinning in circles, doing course after course and watching every tutorial you can find, in the hopes you'll finally get it, it's time for a different approach.

Book a Mentorship call:

"Olivia is one of the best pattern cutting teachers and one of the most inspiring person I have met.

I learnt a lot about pants/skirts patterns skills from her even though having had only 1 month of teaching till now. She offers one of the best fashion (several skills for design development process) and pattern cutting classes I attended in my fashion studies education.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge selflessly and for your unbiased honesty."

João Machado, BA CSM Fashion Design w/ Marketing, former Womenswear Design Assistant at Bottega Veneta

  • Book your 45-minute session on this link. (Why not 1h? Our brains quickly lose focus with too much talking. You know it, it's that moment when you start fidgeting with the pen or reaching for your phone...);
  • You'll get a pre-session survey with a few simple questions. Fill it out 24h before your session. Write away, DON'T EDIT YOURSELF!
  • You'll also get a ton of confirmation emails: confirming your session, reminding you a few hours in advance etc. Let me know if you don't receive anything!
  • These emails will have a link to my Zoom online meeting room. Get some pen and paper, get rid of any distractions and click the link when it's time for our call;
  • We'll have our 45 minutes together, and I'll be prepared according to your answers on the pre-survey - so really, DON'T EDIT YOURSELF! Treat yourself to being 100% honest, be a total drama queen if you want - I've probably done or seen worse;

In 3-5 days, I'll send you a personal report + action steps: 

This is not an intense tutorial, and I won't give you loads of homework.

But this is also not a therapy session, or a magical distance healing call. You'll still have stuff to do afterwards, that's why I take time to research further before giving out any advice.

And you'll be responsible for trying them out as instructed, on your own: I will NOT tell you that, if you're still stuck, you should hire my other services - cause I don't have any.

Doesn't mean I'll leave you alone with an ebook: we'll agree on a date for me to send you a final follow-up email, so I can check how you're doing.

The price: €79

Ready? Click here to book a Mentorship call. 

Not sure?

I respect you for not rushing to give your money to someone on the internet.

Please take your time and check out my Fashion Tech support blog or my YouTube channel first - maybe I've already answered your question.

Or read some of the testimonials I've received over the years - all verifiable on LinkedIn or with a quick Google search.