Mentorship & Portfolio advice

Your heart is set on this Fashion thing... but at the same time, there's so much to overcome.

I get you.

I got two very expensive degrees in two very famous schools; was somebody’s bitch in grossly underpaid jobs; freelanced for years before starting my own label... all in panic mode, under massive anxiety, because I was never technical enough, experienced enough, creative enough.

All I wanted was straightforward advice, but no one delivered it... for a very simple reason.

In my desperation to "make it in Fashion before I was too old", I wasn't really looking for straightforward advice.

I wanted a guaranteed way to get a job at a cool luxury brand, and I wanted it fast. 


What should be your first steps, if you knew there were no shortcuts?

So God forbid me from letting you make the same bad decisions I did.

I want to help you to:

  • Work independently, even if you start with 20 minutes per day;
  • Assess your growth in a constructive way;
  • Own the skills you already have;
  • Feel less anxiety about trying new skills you wanna develop;
  • Prevent yourself from spending too much time obsessing over petty stuff;
  • Hold yourself back from buying every new book, short course, private tutorials etc (and save that money for your tuition fees in reputable full-time courses, or long-term projects that'll boost your career).

Sounds good? Check out the best mentorship option for you. 

Need ongoing sessions? I'm also available, but first...

I don't have that option here for a reason: mentorship and portfolio advice is way too personal, and we've got to know each other first.

  • I'll assess your work and your specific needs during our call;
  • You'll get a taste of what it's like to work with me, and decide if that's what you want or not;
  • We'll discuss how often we need to meet up; if you need longer or shorter sessions; establish goals... 

Discouraged by my fees? You can totally DIY

Check my testimonials if you wish, but also: I can still help you out totally for free, no strings attached.