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Mentorship & Portfolio advice

* Ongoing portfolio advice: more info below, please read till the end

You know in your heart you can make it in Fashion, but it always feels like something's missing...

I get you.

Every time I was about to start a new phase in my Fashion career, there was not only a higher authority, but also my own crippling anxiety to tell me I just didn't have it quite yet.

I got two very expensive degrees in two very famous schools; was somebody’s bitch in grossly underpaid jobs; freelanced for years before starting my own label - and still I was never technical enough, experienced enough, creative enough…

All I wanted was straightforward advice, but no one delivered it. 

For a very simple reason: in my desperation to "make it in Fashion before I was too old", I wasn't really looking for straightforward advice.

I wanted a guaranteed way to get a job at a cool luxury brand, and I wanted it fast. 

What would be your first steps, if you knew there were no shortcuts?

Already tried every course - free and paid - just to feel like something is missing again, and again, and again?

Join me for a 2-part Mentorship session, where we'll work together to gently build your confidence to:

  • Work independently;
  • Assess your growth in a constructive way;
  • Own the skills you already have;
  • Feel less anxiety about trying new skills you wanna develop;
  • Prevent yourself from spending too much time obsessing over petty stuff (because you're afraid to make a hot mess trying those new skills you wanna develop);
  • Hold yourself back from buying every new book, short course, private tutorials etc (and save that money for your tuition fees in reputable full-time courses, or long-term projects that'll boost your career).

How it works: 

  • Book your first 40-minute session HERE. (You wanted a whole hour? Don't worry, we're gonna get together again for part 2);
  • You'll get a pre-session survey with a few simple questions: fill it out at least 24h before your session. Write away, DON'T EDIT YOURSELF!
  • You'll also get a ton of confirmation emails: confirming your session, reminding you a few hours in advance etc. Let me know if you don't receive anything!
  • These emails will have a link to my Zoom online meeting room: Get some pen and paper, get rid of distractions and click the link when it's time for our call;
  • I'll be there early and well prepared - according to your answers on the pre-survey: so really, DON'T EDIT YOURSELF! Be embarrassingly honest, be a total drama queen if that's your thing - I'm sure I've seen or done much worse myself;

In 3-5 days, I'll send you an overview of our session, plus baby steps to build a sustainable foundation for your bigger projects.  

This is not an intense tutorial, but it's also not a tarot session.

You'll still have stuff to do afterwards, even if it's just 20 minutes per day.

We'll agree on a date for part 2 of our Mentorship session, and we'll both assess how you're doing. 

The price: €99

Ready? Click here to book your Mentorship session. 

Need ongoing sessions? I'm also available, but first...

I don't have that option here for a reason: mentorship and portfolio advice is way too personal, and we've got to know each other first.

  • I'll assess your work and your specific needs during the 2-part Mentorship session as described above, then suggest if we should do shorter sessions, and how frequently;
  • You'll get a taste of what it's like to work with me, and decide if that's what you want or not;
  • And of course: we'll discuss a special rate, specific to your needs.

No way? You can totally do it without me

Check my testimonials if you wish, but also: I can still help you out totally for free, no strings attached.