Custom projects - get a quote

If you can't find what you need among my original designs or Mentorship sessions, feel free to contact me for a quote at .

My hourly rate is €35 + 23% VAT, and while I cannot estimate with 100% accuracy how much work will go into each new project or garment (and most likely there'll be changes and adjustments during the development process):

  • I try to take your needs and your budget into consideration before taking your project;
  • I'm acutely upfront when I'm not the right person to assist you - whether for lack of know-how, special machinery, or otherwise.

Previous work include:

Designer Fashion flats

Flat sketches for João Machado (BAF CSM - FDM 2020)

Maybe you don't need portfolio classes with me, because your school's already given you a solid creative base. But you could also feel like you have to create the craziest, most extravagant designs to stand out - without having the technical skills to make sense of how to turn them into actual garments.

In this case, making flat sketches/ tech specs could look like your worst nightmare. If so, I can help you figure out construction details, then draw the actual flats. And you'll get the editable Adobe Illustrator file to make changes, if needed later.

Sample making & semi-bespoke production (2-5 pieces)

Runway piece for Arturo Obegero AW '22

Innovative pattern cutting and dressmaking for:

  • Fashion students or up-and-coming designers making complex designs;
  • Small labels making slightly more elaborate designs (aka not a t-shirt or other readily available garment) in very limited runs, and looking to avoid outsourcing different steps to several different professionals, with conflicting lead times and expertise.

* Payment in instalments available.

* VAT exemption available for businesses outside of Portugal with a valid VAT number.