Cheap is a weird brag

Just like flaunting a Rolex is really off-putting, bragging about cheap stuff is kinda weird.

Really, don't be that person.

There are plenty of serious articles and serious documentaries showing how much cheap clothes are hurting workers in less developed countries and the environment. 

Hold yourself for a moment next time you see a bargain: if it's too good to be true, it's because someone's losing big in that exchange.

Or do a Marie Kondo assessment and see if that thing brings you joy: if it doesn't and you realise it just after wasting your money, guess who's the loser? (Me? No, never engaged in mindless shopping. Specially not in my early twenties.)

But most importantly for me, as a designer, is:

Why would I call my own work "cheap"?

I invest so much time and money learning my craft, researching, experimenting, sourcing the right materials and factories, perfecting prototypes, making cool photoshoots and a good website…

Nope, I'm definitely not cheap.

Not even gonna say "affordable", because that reeks of first-world problems.

I'm very transparent when it comes to showing my creative process and the work that goes behind each new piece - it's all in my newsletter, conveniently delivered to your inbox every other week.

This way you can make a conscious decision AND know all the stuff to brag about when you get one of my designs.

The newsletter's also where I announce special deals, as a ginormous Thank you! to all the lovely people who signed up to support the new designer in town.

And like I said before, no FOMO needed: new deals will keep on coming. 

Need to see a price drop NOW?

Or else you won't believe me?

I keep a permanent Sample Sale where you can get prototypes for a reduced price.

They're not faulty, just pieces I decided not to mass produce at the time because I changed the print or because they were made with upcycled materials that I can't find anymore.

Ok, so these are now-or-never deals. If you like them and the time is right, grab them.

Wonder if there's a way to know when more of those samples become available...