"Buy NOW, or else... " is not what I wanna talk about

Have you ever received a time-sensitive offer?

The one that says if you don't buy NOW it's gone for good?

But is it?

You can bet it's not gonna be the last time:

New offers will come - with even better stuff.
New sales will come - with even lower prices.
There's always a technical issue to make the seller postpone the deadline a few hours, at least.

And the shiny new thing they're announcing is probably very similar to the last shiny new thing.

So why should I use the panic factor on you - and feel real sleazy - when I can use my newsletter to tell you about what really matters:


It's not about what's hot on Vogue or trending on Instagram, I'm all about the awesome things that goes into creating clothes that'll be loved for years.

And I love to create collages with my research pictures - to see if they make any sense:

Boro project - collageThey never do - that's the magic.

The other thing is: I wanna do the best job that I can every time.

And because I'm doing all by myself, that means producing only small collections in tiny batches.

Call it artisanal, if you're into that. I really do make a lot of the pieces myself, by hand. 

Why even pretend I can compete with the bigger brands and end up under-delivering?

(just like how bananas in Europe always disappoint me. Or those tasteless cherries we get in my hometown back in Brazil. But I digress.)

Of course, there is a downside to not being super commercial...