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Olivia Suguri - portfolio assessment

"I get you."

Back when I was just starting my mentorship sessions, the writing wiz who helped me with my About page made sure I overused & highlighted this phrase. That made me feel even less confident in my ability to help other creative people: I really do get you, but I still haven't found such a groundbreaking solution (that I can advertise like a used car salesman).

In fact, what I realised after years being in and out of all sorts of therapy, self-help programs, meditation practices and other mysticisms  (that made people think I was so "Zen", when I was actually just numb) is this: all these helpers were lifting up my spirits just enough, until I had become a viable means in which to implant THEIR world views, their agendas, their projections.

That's dark, right? To trust someone just so they'd make you even more dependent on them. 

I don't wanna be that person, so here's the deal about my Mentorship sessions:

1. I offer a custom educational service.

I'll teach you stuff and make a lot of suggestions on what to research + how to develop whatever creative ideas you bring to me. 

You will be responsible for applying what you learned, and we'll have an ongoing conversation about what's working and what's not.

More info & refund policy: read my pre-session docs.

Testimonials: read them here.

2. I don't believe in "breakthroughs".

I could base all my advertising on the few clients that got into competitive Fashion courses after having a single Portfolio Advice session with me, but I'd be lying if I told you that's the whole story:

  • They already had a substantial amount of high quality work, that just needed to be formatted;
  • They went back to work, applied my advice - even though they had already produced very good work independently - and we kept discussing their portfolio presentation and personal statement over many emails back and forth.

If you're expecting to feel completely changed, inspired and motivated just by talking with me, you will eventually be VERY disappointed.

3. I believe consistency and gentleness bring the most sustainable, long-term results.

Being the creative type kinda sucks: we feel a deep need to produce meaningful and personal work, so we end up sharing some of our most vulnerable spots.

And we're usually not the best with money, but have bougie tastes, while underpaid or non-paid "opportunities" are still very much a thing in our industry.

Meanwhile, Fashion courses are becoming increasingly more expensive, while many famous schools insist on an idealistic method of knocking the students down, to piece them back as the best version of themselves.

That can be disastrous for many students, and virtually impossible without a lot of emotional support from their families, friends or partners. 

I've been on both sides - the one crying and complaining, and the one comforting; to be honest, both are exhausting.


While I'm quite generous with my time, my ultimate goal is to teach you how to work independently and think for yourself  - but that won't happen overnight.

There will be times when I'll have to be very firm and straightforward with you, and sometimes you'll find me a total pain in the ass who's impossible to please.
That's normal: TRY to apply the advice I've given you, then come back to me with enough material to discuss a different way for us to work together.

In time, you will find your own creative process and will just need me for quick feedback here and there, so our sessions will become more sparse. 

And we may even become familiar enough with each other's work that a simple DM once in a while will suffice to talk over any questions you might have for a new project.

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