My creative process was once described like this:


Olivia translates her technical design background in construction into a digitally printed materiality.

Interested in cartoons, she examines the way in which something two-dimensional can assume a three-dimensional shape.

She draws out her characteristic colour schemes from the assembling and disassembling of digital photographs, and applies them to highly constructed kimono designs (...). 

Video games, magical powers and beautiful things inform the imagination of Olivia's design universe, as marked by the presence of the cat, a returning avatar in her work and garments."

(Jeppe Ugelvig - Culture, Criticism and Curation in Art & Fashion) 


Years of being semi-nomad have killed my appetite for making anything highly constructed, but made me more interested in creating cartoon character-like outfits: stupidly simple, instantly recognisable, kinda cliché… and still delightful to wear day in, day out.


My idea of who I am and what I'm about is constantly changing, so instead of rewriting my About page every other month, I allow myself to wander on my blog.

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