About me

Arty-farty version: a real-life magical girl in training.

The real deal:

Fashion designer-maker & print designer: working between digital art and handicraft to create unique pieces.

Painfully honest Mentor: cutting through the bullshit & oversharing my own fuckups.

Freelance Product developer (aka Technical designer): everyone's got ideas and concepts… I'll give yours shape and substance, before you send an embarrassing e-mail to an apparel manufacturer filled with newbie red flags.

Guess it's still too simple, but what else can I say here without sounding phoney?

Check it for yourself: besides my handmade pieces, I also have 3 blogs sharing everything about my work - from Dreams and hand washing antique kimonos, to Fashion education advice and Textile Technology;

And you can connect with me on YouTube and Instagram :D

Do it, don't be shy! I produced some of my best content inspired by conversations I had with my internet buddies!

See you around,

Olivia Suguri