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Two fancy Fashion degrees... but my best ideas were either sleeping in my portfolio or trapped in my head.

And it was busy in there, as you can see:

Now I turn my nonsense into prints.


My idea of who I am and what I'm about has changed A LOT since I started doing my own thing, so instead of rewriting my About page every other month, I allow myself to wander on the blog - follow this process HERE. 

And as an independent designer, I have the luxury of doing things different from the big brands:

1. I don't follow Fashion seasons;

2. "Buy NOW, or else" is not what my e-mails are about;

3. I'm very transparent about my process, so you'll have other thing to brag about when you get one of my pieces.

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Also, I don't want anyone thinking that they just need to go to a certain school then working in Fashion will be easy-peezy; or so hard that they'll quit before trying.

(p.s.: I still freelance as a Product Developer/ Technical designer to keep a stable income. Just like most independent designers.)

I share my insights in my other blog Fashion Tech support, also subscribe-able and with extra resources and editable templates when you join.

And for the brave ones that are done looking for quick-fixes, I offer Mentorship calls here.