About me: a fairy tale & CV

Fairy tale version: 

Once upon a time, I dreamed of being a Fashion designer. 
All I wanted was to make lovable pretty things (like the worn out turtle t-shirt I couldn't stop wearing as a kid), but somehow everything about me was just inadequate: not technical enough, or not fearless/creative enough; too slow, couldn't keep up with my moody bosses; and way too sensitive, couldn't last 3 months of sustained abuse - how dare I!

And for everyone else, I was just too weird. 

But somehow I kept going, finding beauty and hope in my collages of kawaii nonsense; 90s magical girl mangas and psycho-education books; and the vintage archive I keep mending and upcycling. 

LinkedIn version:

Brazilian-Japanese Fashion designer-maker; technically proficient with a unique creative process: Bunka Fashion College and Central Saint Martins graduate.

Between my degrees, I worked with both up-and-coming labels (Sao Paulo, Dubai and London) and Fashion students - which inspired me to create my original Fashion Tech support content, teaching about Fashion Portfolios, Fashion education at famous schools, and Technical design (3 blog articles on the 1st Google page).

I continue to push myself creatively with my own label, where I balance artistic freedom, business, sustainable textiles and writing.
Olivia Suguri - study for a fairy tale
To be continued.
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