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Olivia Suguri

"How to make a Fashion Portfolio" pack

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"I need a better portfolio to apply to Fashion school/ get a better job!"

If you've never been to a decent Arts & Design school, you're probably thinking like I used to: I need more skills; I need to improve my skills; I need to make my portfolio look very good, and very clean, and very professional, like a Vogue magazine!

Then you bought an online course on Adobe Illustrator, 2 books on pattern cutting, the whole Pattern Magic series, 3 books on Fashion Illustration... and you like having them around, but you're still not the designer you wanted to be.

I get you, course hoarder! Stop buying mass-produced knowledge that you can't use, and come learn how to do your own Research & Design Development with me.

How it works: Choose a pack of 4 or 8 sessions, and I'll get in touch with you to discuss goals, time and date, frequency... we'll use Zoom for our sessions, and will keep in touch via email and Google docs.