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Olivia Suguri

"Coffee date"

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Like my content, and want to become internet buddies?

Of course you can DM me on Instagram or leave comments under my YouTube videos - I always reply. 

But asking me for a free 15-minute call? Then we're talking business, and you're already being quite cheeky: I'm not a big company offering courses worth thousands of euros, so my prices are very straightforward and do not include a heavy marketing cost.

If you wanna be "more than friends", at least offer me some coffee and cake.

- Click on SELECT A TIME (can take a few seconds to load. If you click ADD TO CART by mistake, you can always edit your order before checkout);

- Book our 45-minute coffee date

- We'll have a cosy chat, get to know each other better... 

but I won't send you a follow-up email or anything, cause that'd be a crazy bitch move. (like an over-eager life coach that matches guys on Tinder just to give them unsolicited advice on their photos and bios)

- We'll keep in touch. Or not.

Do you keep in touch with everyone you've ever gone on a date with? Nope. 

It's not personal: maybe I'm not the best person to help you out, maybe you'll realise you actually don't like me that much. It happens, and we move on.

- Please get in touch if you can't find a suitable time slot for your time zone.

Is it worth it? Read again the Mentorship page and my testimonials.