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Creative ownership, courtesy of crying at the hairdresser's

If you've ever found yourself bored to death with your look and decided to try something different without having to go through a complete makeover (who's got the budget besides reality TV shows?) or watching every makeup tutorial on YouTube, I bet your first insight was to get a brand new hairstyle. You look up some celebrities on Instagram, notice who's got a haircut that'd suit you, make moodboards on Pinterest...now all there's to do is to schedule an appointment with your hairdresser and explain what you want. Easy! But the story takes a different turn once you're in that chair. The hairdresser starts to point out some issues with the style you picked, in some sort of beauty lingo you don't understand; he...

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Pulling a Kim K, things I have in common with Jon Snow, and what's kimono got to do with it

Oh no - part 2. In less than a week I went from being mostly clueless about Kim Kardashian's publicity stunts, to fully annoyed by her whole Kimono trademark act and ready to jump in on the widespread social media backlash. Now that I've voiced my anger and done some research (in that order, yikes!), I can see the legal dangers of KK trademarking the word kimono have been greatly exaggerated amidst the internet hysteria: no, she won't become sole proprietor of the word, shall the trademark be granted (she's said on Instagram she'd change the name, but the trademark applications have not yet been withdrawn, according to The Fashion Law's article).And yes, people can still use kimono as the...

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Two dazzling Fashion degrees, and now I'm printing ready-made t-shirts.

Listen, it's not like I'm lazy, or that I "don't know what I'm doing". I did try to develop my own t-shirt line from scratch with a manufacturer that knew all the science, the artistry and the majesty of jersey because, yeah - I'm a technical smarty. But I got ghosted.  So I hit the panic button and decided 'That's it, I'm gonna have to print ready-made t-shirts. FML'. Goodbye, carefully engineered print placement. Goodbye, neckline designed to the millimetre. I know this is how every famous Streetwear brand started out, and look at them. All unapologetically dropping a new logo t-shirt every month and getting sold out every time. Really, I've seen some Fruit of the Loom t-shirts even at Dover Street Market. But dammit, I want my t-shirts to...

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