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Making-of: Tofu bag

If kimono translates as "thing to wear", I made the Tofu bag to be a "thing to carry things": Simple construction to go with my prints; Cute but tough; Big enough for wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, water bottle, the unplanned stop at the Asian grocer… but not too big that I'd end up carrying too much weight and calling an Uber to avoid a 12-minute walk. The material's not only pretty, but certified awesome:  Robust; Waterproof; 100% recycled polyester - 80% SEAQUAL® YARN, a fully traceable recycled material. Didn't think I was gonna use any polyester because of the microplastic pollution caused by washing synthetic fibres, but for accessories it'll be perfect. Everything was looking pretty great, but here's the...

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Creating flaws with tie-dye and natural indigo

Randomness is an important element in my prints - as I wrote on the previous post - but in this collection I wanted to highlight the other one that goes hand in hand with it: imperfection. I'm not talking about making faulty items using cheap materials, of course.  What I find really badass is to make something intentionally "flawed" in this world where there are unrealistic beauty standards even for fruits and vegetables! In my digital prints, it's easy to create uneven colours and double exposure: randomness is a very friendly ally when I can see it all happening on my computer screen, and can hit Undo any time things get messy. So every now and then, I go back to...

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"It's just another phase"

What was your favourite game growing up? Do you know when you're just getting familiar with a new game, and suddenly the mood changes completely in the next phase and catches you off-guard? If you're a Final Fantasy fanatic like me, you can think of when you left the gloomy big city of Midgar into the bright, vast world map with a peaceful soundtrack; If you're into Super Mario (like me… but I was never good at it), you'll remember the scary phases with lava, ghosts and the creepy organ music that went with them.  This is how I see my second collection: it's a different phase of the same game.  The cat's still there, the fish made more of...

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New collection pre-preview

Every collection's a new chance - to make my designs better, to explore something I'm curious about, to find out what me and my business are supposed to offer. It's taken a really long time to get this second drop ready, and in the meantime I've just been thinking I had nothing to say on my blog.  Total BS, to be honest: there's so much I can tell you about the process! I always start without knowing exactly where I'm going, and kinda let my images find their place on a garment. That's why my prints are so random, and why I'm reluctant to label myself as a "cat-print-kimono-designer". Who knows what serendipity will bring me next time??? But coming back to this collection:...

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Can an independent Fashion designer even be sustainable?

*originally part of my old About page. My work in Fashion has made me aware of the messy reality of apparel manufacturing: the insane amount of fabric scraps that goes straight to landfill, the not so pristine conditions of most sewing factories, the tug of war with suppliers (our side always wanting cheaper and faster; their side always demanding larger orders)... Add in my own interest in protecting the environment, and the awareness that, as an upper-middle class kid from the big city, I actually know so very little, and there you have it. More than a manifesto, I've got a few principles to guide my life and business. Eco-friendly, one step at a time Have you ever wondered what's the...

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