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Cunty captor Sailor Pussy

Lisbon Vogue sessions x Sailor pussy collab: contact me to get yours. A man that's not manly enough?  That doesn't have the stoic guts of a samurai, or the bravado of a Disney Prince? That can't grab what he wants *and deserves* from this world? "He's a pussy!" And yet, dudes love to joke that dudes live pussy. Go figure the intricacies of traditional masculinity.  Or even traditional femininity. Remember that friend who couldn't keep her mouth shut about other women's weight, hair and sex life?  That's why it was so refreshing to learn a thing or two about ballroom culture. It started with RuPaul's drag race, of course. Because what adult woman still obsessed with Sailor Moon doesn't love to see grown men transform...

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The non-influencer way to wear a kimono

Keep that collar closed.   Yeah, of course you can just belt it, but every Street Style report's already covered that: Trend alert! East meets West: style this Zara kimono over classic blue jeans, basic tee and heels to look like every other influencer who woke up like this - professionally coiffed, with natural makeup using 12 different products. Also, gone are the days when I dreamed of being that gal, so overly produced to make cheap Fast Fashion seem as expensive as the original runway look. Now I care to know my references so I don't call any polyester robe with floral print a kimono.  And I have zero patience for fabricated "effortless glamour" - which doesn't mean I'm...

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Online shopping with less waste

I had my star moment last month when I sold the first Sailor Pussy t-shirt seconds after I posted it. But after I packed it, I felt all that excitement going away - DAYUMMM, I make some really ugly packages! Why? Why do I do this to my precious designs? Oh that's why. Branding's great marketing… until it becomes trash.  Even if you're like me, and you actually reuse cardboard boxes to organise the many bits and bobs around your workspace, at some point enough is enough! Let's go to Ikea, or Muji if I'm feeling fancy. Time to open up and neatly fold them cardboard boxes, take them to the recycling point and hope the container won't be contaminated by a...

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The perfect fabric for classy pyjamas (no dry clean or hand washing needed!)

FINALLY!!! After many delays, the kimono robe and pyjama pants are now available on the shop! I've apologised enough on my newsletter, and the whole "these uncertain times" prompt deserves nothing more than an eye roll at this point - so let's change subject: My new fabric: silky smooth Tencel twill You've probably heard of viscose, or rayon.  Rayon's a man-made fibre, but made from cellulose so its properties are similar to natural plant fibres such as cotton and linen. It was first invented in the XIX century, and has come a long way since then: from cheaper alternative to silk - that was also highly flammable; to a smoother alternative to cotton - that shrinks when washed… until it...

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Recycled, organic or greenwashing?

I wrote in the previous post I didn't think I'd ever use polyester as they become a source of microplastic pollution when washed. Synthetic fibres are basically plastic - derived from petroleum, take forever to decompose - so they should never be used… right?  But what about all the plastic that's already been produced, discarded and found its way into the ocean? Can't it be recycled and used for ski wear, swimwear, or in my case, for accessories that don't need to be washed after every use? What about all the water needed to grow cotton? Shouldn't it be used for growing food? And what about the forced labour used to pick cotton in some regions? Or the ridiculous wages...

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