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Repairing a 90-Year-Old Silk Kimono - part 2

Continuing from where I stopped on part 1, it's time to re-assemble my precious kimono. Since I just took apart the collar and lining from the shell fabric, all I need to do now is put them back together, right? Hmm no. If it were that straightforward, I wouldn't be doing another post. I love sewing, though, and hand sewing is a specially rewarding activity for me (I wouldn't dare try my sewing machine on those textiles). It was actually a very fun experience for me, plus I learned a lot - and hopefully it will be fun and educational for you, too, as you go through my process and all the lovely pictures! Let's get to it. Problem area...

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Repairing a 90-Year-Old Silk Kimono - part 1

(or, I Took Apart a 90 y.o. Rare Vintage Silk Fireman Jacket because I wanted to add in pockets) *Note: Not every robey Japanese garment is called a kimono, but I will use the term to make my life easier. Also, if you're into kimonos, check out Fuji Kimono's website. Or, if you're close to London or Brighton, sign up for newsletter to know when and where she'll be next! Fuji's a lovely person who'll love to show you her unique pieces! * Take a look at my projects on Pinterest, and you’ll realise that I'm a sucker for most things Japanese, specially ukiyo-e and kimonos. As a fashion designer, I end up buying the occasional kimono, telling myself that it'll...

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