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New video: my prints in their OCD glory

I'm a lazy Fashion lover. I wanna look good, I wanna make "normal" people question my sanity, and I want it with minimal effort. The tradeoff is: I invest an OCD-level attention to detail upon every design. It's a process of brutal elimination to make every garment less complicated, and a process of (almost) endless addition to make every print extra extra.  Lookbook pictures can't capture all the too-muchness happening on my prints, so here goes a video to help you immerse yourself into this collection (before you decide which one to buy hehee):  

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Now available at Les Filles

If you're in Lisbon, you can always slide into my DMs and ask to visit my studio (a.k.a. my bedroom) to see my clothes live. But if you're looking for that special shopping experience, one you'll be dying to tell everyone back home, because it's just sooo Lisbon...  my Kawaii Streetwear feat. Kitty cat prints is now available at Les Filles! More reasons why I'm excited about this: (so excited I'm encouraging you to visit someone else's website) They take the coolest pictures, not too cutesy, not too fashionista;  Their tiny shop'll make you feel like you found Lisbon's best kept Fashion secret, located in the charming Principe Real neighborhood but still somewhat removed from the hustle-bustle of the main avenue...

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