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Statement, wearable & immune to buyer's remorse: my Comme des Garçons SS 2002 skirt

I lied on my previous post. There were times when all I wanted was to be a Fashion person, and I felt there was a lot of catching up to do for not enough money.  I mean, €1199 for a coat + €800 trousers + €500 blouse + €650 shoes + €1600 bag = better wear that look everyday. But don't, because people'll eventually notice you're not that rich. Luxury upcycling queen for the people, Marge Simpson. But Tokyo's advanced capitalism was there to help me out with more affordable options, so I'd waste whole Saturdays taking the intercity bus to a luxury outlet far away; or visiting every new second-hand designer clothing shop I could find.  I rarely found anything...

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"It's just another phase"

What was your favourite game growing up? Do you know when you're just getting familiar with a new game, and suddenly the mood changes completely in the next phase and catches you off-guard? If you're a Final Fantasy fanatic like me, you can think of when you left the gloomy big city of Midgar into the bright, vast world map with a peaceful soundtrack; If you're into Super Mario (like me… but I was never good at it), you'll remember the scary phases with lava, ghosts and the creepy organ music that went with them.  This is how I see my second collection: it's a different phase of the same game.  The cat's still there, the fish made more of...

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New video: my prints in their OCD glory

I'm a lazy Fashion lover. I wanna look good, I wanna make "normal" people question my sanity, and I want it with minimal effort. The tradeoff is: I invest an OCD-level attention to detail upon every design. It's a process of brutal elimination to make every garment less complicated, and a process of (almost) endless addition to make every print extra extra.  Lookbook pictures can't capture all the too-muchness happening on my prints, so here goes a video to help you immerse yourself into this collection (before you decide which one to buy hehee):  

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