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"Stop trying to be Fashion!" (aka my old About page)

Cats and digital prints are a huge part of my work, and I didn't even mention them on my previous About page.

Which doesn't mean there wasn't any truth to it:

  • I still love clothes but abominate most things "Fashion";
  • I still suffer from acute episodes of imposter syndrome, thinking I have no business being in this industry of Gigis and Bellas;
  • And I hate thinking that I'm churning out more junk onto the world.

But these are things that inform something deeper about my business model, not necessarily my inspirations for my collections.

So for now, this should be on the blog:

Stop trying to be Fashion!

(quote by David Kappo, course director of Graduate Diploma Fashion - Central Saint Martins, and tutor at the Royal College of Arts)

Don't get me wrong, of course I love clothes and their magical transformation powers.

But all my jobs were as the technical ninja (well, Product developer) figuring out cost-effective ways to make overpriced pieces for The Real Housewives of Rio de Janeiro.

Or drawing the most generic stuff - you know, the kind that ends up on InStyle magazine, in the section on How to shop the look for less - bored out of my mind sitting all day behind a computer screen in the short time I worked in Fast Fashion. 

So it's about time I followed the best/ weirdest advice I got in 4 years of fancy Fashion education and used my hands-on skills to tell another side of the story:

Plan my "Outfit of the Day" so I can go from girlfriends brunch to classy date? Meh.

Look like I stepped out of an anime that's Miuccia Prada's latest guilty pleasure? 

The brainchild of a vintage hoarder and a manga artist, conceived to the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII?

Appropriately dressed to meet friends for a day of videogames, trampoline, karaoke and Chinese hot pot?

Hell. Yes.

Or if that's all too much for you, my designs also make really stylish pyjamas - to make you look like you totally wear them everywhere on purpose.