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Recycled, organic or greenwashing?

I wrote in the previous post I didn't think I'd ever use polyester as they become a source of microplastic pollution when washed.

Synthetic fibres are basically plastic - derived from petroleum, take forever to decompose - so they should never be used… right? 

But what about all the plastic that's already been produced, discarded and found its way into the ocean?

Can't it be recycled and used for ski wear, swimwear, or in my case, for accessories that don't need to be washed after every use?

What about all the water needed to grow cotton? Shouldn't it be used for growing food?

And what about the forced labour used to pick cotton in some regions? Or the ridiculous wages paid to workers in Southeast Asia?

It'd be awesome to slap a load of buzzwords on my products to make myself look good and charge higher prices - but it'd also be hella sleazy.

Yes, environmental issues are incredibly complex and every "perfect solution" will come with its downsides if you care to do a quick Google search.

Doesn't mean I'm gonna give up altogether, or that I'm gonna retreat into the woods, live in a cave, eat mushrooms and drink dandelion coffee. 

For now, my focus is on originality, durability and working with local suppliers and manufacturers, but in the meantime I keep researching sustainable materials (to be sure they're actually better, not just 2-3 times more expensive).

If you're also interested in the topic of Sustainable Fashion, I wanna share some of the latest articles I've read:

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