Creative ownership, courtesy of crying at the hairdresser's

If you've ever found yourself bored to death with your look and decided to try something different without having to go through a complete makeover (who's got the budget besides reality TV shows?) or watching every makeup tutorial on YouTube, I bet your first insight was to get a brand new hairstyle.

You look up some celebrities on Instagram, notice who's got a haircut that'd suit you, make moodboards on all there's to do is to schedule an appointment with your hairdresser and explain what you want. Easy!

But the story takes a different turn once you're in that chair.

The hairdresser starts to point out some issues with the style you picked, in some sort of beauty lingo you don't understand; he makes some suggestions that have nothing to do with what you had in mind; communication's happening in two different languages and suddenly you don't feel so sure of your decision as scissors approach your mane.

"Uh-oh. He's cutting way too much. He's got a maniacal look on his face, he's making some really intense motions - you're cutting hair, not making chainsaw art!

Wait, no. I'm sure he knows what he knows what he's doing. Calm down, crazy."

You try really hard to control yourself but that uneasy feeling just doesn't go away. 

It all builds up and when the job's finally done and you get to see yourself in the mirror like a bad Neymar instead of Miley Cyrus; Gretchen instead of Cher; Donald Trump instead of Sarah Paulson; or the poor man's Anna Wintour...

Sh*t. Now you're crying like a child under the stare of beauty professionals and glossy Loréal ads.

If you're the kind who's had the same haircut since high school, you're probably gonna think my story was a bit of a stretch.

But if you've had this experience of putting your hopes and dreams in somebody else's (hopefully) competent hands, you can relate to how I felt when I was looking for my dream team to shoot my first collection.

We all know we're not gonna stomp out of the salon looking like Rihanna, but we wanna feel that fantasy of being transformed from regular girl to edgiest bitch in the biz.

And I'm well aware my first collection's not a groundbreaking moment in Fashion that'll take over the world like the cat-lady version of Supreme (one day).

So I don't need to spend over €2,000 on a 6-hour photo session - specially when the established photographer with over 18 years of experience doesn't even care about the story I'm trying to tell.

It's time to ask a friend if they know someone who knows anyone.

It's time to connect with the creative types who're just one step ahead of you, the people close enough to where you are that they still get you, and will listen to your ideas and be excited to try something stupid.

I can totally own stupid.

Mean kitties editorial - photos by Pedro Leote; styling by Maria Galvao

To be continued.

Photography: Pedro Leote @wide.boy
Model/ styling: Maria Galvão @mariagdgsousa

Vintage shades @wide_shades