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New collection pre-preview

Every collection's a new chance - to make my designs better, to explore something I'm curious about, to find out what me and my business are supposed to offer.

It's taken a really long time to get this second drop ready, and in the meantime I've just been thinking I had nothing to say on my blog. 

Total BS, to be honest: there's so much I can tell you about the process!

I always start without knowing exactly where I'm going, and kinda let my images find their place on a garment. That's why my prints are so random, and why I'm reluctant to label myself as a "cat-print-kimono-designer". Who knows what serendipity will bring me next time???

But coming back to this collection: this time I didn't get you involved in the whole story, so we're gonna mix up the storyline and start from the almost end.

Enjoy the pictures of the photoshoot taken with my phone, while I wait for the professional photos to be developed (the magic of film photography 🤷):

Collection 2 - t-shirt dress and bag

Collection 2 - t-shirt dress and bags

Collection 2 - kimono and kilt

Collection 2 - pyjama pants

Collection 2 - t-shirt dress (back)

Collection 2 - hakama and indigo dyed t-shirt

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