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Making-of: Tofu bag

If kimono translates as "thing to wear", I made the Tofu bag to be a "thing to carry things":

  • Simple construction to go with my prints;
  • Cute but tough;
  • Big enough for wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, water bottle, the unplanned stop at the Asian grocer… but not too big that I'd end up carrying too much weight and calling an Uber to avoid a 12-minute walk.

The material's not only pretty, but certified awesome: 

    • Robust;
    • Waterproof;
    • 100% recycled polyester - 80% SEAQUAL® YARN, a fully traceable recycled material.
Tofu bag - material

    Didn't think I was gonna use any polyester because of the microplastic pollution caused by washing synthetic fibres, but for accessories it'll be perfect.

    Everything was looking pretty great, but here's the "curse of the kimono": simplicity requires a certain devotion. 

    After many tests, seeing how the fabric would warp in such a peculiar way that the bigger prints weren't affected, but the pocket would always come out funny, I decided to cut and sew everything myself.

    But I got to skip the 3-week wait for the specialised cutting machine at the factory, and had a very hands-on activity to keep me busy during the COVID-19 quarantine.

    Tofu bag already available - no pre-order needed. With plenty of pictures to show you this process thing I keep talking about:

    Work table at my studio
    Ok, it's "just" 15 meters of fabric/ 20 bags. You got this! (and your workspace's very organised❤️)
    Tofu bag - pattern placement
    Making sure the print placement would be the same on all the bags, before I cut the fabric.
    Tofu bag - main part
    Looks cute just like that, as a Japanese scroll. Also could find a way to avoid cutting away those corners #zerowaste
    Tofu bag - strapsThis x 60.
    Tofu bag - alssemblyAlmost there.

    Click here to see the outcome.