I'm independent, sustainable & local. Why am I even doing Black Friday?!

If you're on my mailing list, you already know this: I screwed up.

(and if you're not, you're missing out on the 40% off code I'm offering for Black Friday.)

There was a lot to do besides the usual designing - prototyping - manufacturing I'm so familiar with, and instead of freaking out about the factories here in Portugal working pretty much part-time with all the extended holidays this year, I could've focused on creating a community of fans that'd be eager to buy my pieces once I finally dropped my first collection.

But community building takes time - even with a big budget and advanced Marketing skills - and all I wanted was to get my designs out there, dammit! 

I'd been eager to see this since May 2018, when I started the looong process to get an entrepreneur visa, and I wanted everything to be done with already. If it's good, it's good; if it sucks, it sucks, but at least I done did it.

Yep, I launched my label. But not enough people know about it.

Now I'm stuck with Spring-Summer-y pieces while temperatures keep dropping in Europe, and unsold stock = unrecoverable loss for any Fashion brand or retailer.

Of course I wanted to sell my pieces full price and get the full compensation for my artistry, my hard work and my risk taking (which wasn't reckless, let me tell you. I didn't over-produce).

But more than that, I want my designs to find their way into the closets of people who really admire my work and support me on this solo journey.

I want to inspire other Fashion designers to quit whining that Louis Vuitton's taking a hell lot of time to come knock on their door with the job offer of their dreams.

And I still have so many cool ideas I've been cooking up since uni, so many plans to source deadstock textiles and switch to all organic or recycled materials… How will I do that if I don't survive my first collection???

Better to live to try another day, so let's do this: 

Black Friday's here until 29th November, 23h59 Western Europe time. 

40% discount code available once you subscribe.

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