"It's just another phase"

Mean kitty evolution

What was your favourite game growing up?

Do you know when you're just getting familiar with a new game, and suddenly the mood changes completely in the next phase and catches you off-guard?

If you're a Final Fantasy fanatic like me, you can think of when you left the gloomy big city of Midgar into the bright, vast world map with a peaceful soundtrack;

If you're into Super Mario (like me… but I was never good at it), you'll remember the scary phases with lava, ghosts and the creepy organ music that went with them. 

This is how I see my second collection: it's a different phase of the same game. 

The cat's still there, the fish made more of an appearance, the poppies decided to show up as "real" flowers this time.

Most importantly: the randomness is still there.

Try to make sense of all that's happening in my prints, and you'll miss all the fun.

Speaking of non-sense… 

The other thing about creating a new collection is that I can't try to think my way through it. 

Ideally, this collection would be a seamless continuation of the previous one, with any changes in colour and shapes relating to the seasons, or feedback from what sold and what didn't.

Of course that didn't happen, because my heart doesn't respond to those metrics.

What really happened is that I found some old treasures and the sight of them wouldn't leave me, no matter how much I tried to follow something else.

Has that ever happened to you?

For me, it happens all the time. My heart's both stubborn and brilliant - like a child - so instead of steamrolling my whims, I've been keeping my head busy with questions:

Why do I have to outgrow certain phases? 
Aren't all of my infatuations an important part of my development?
And who gets to decide what's a keeper and what's not?

To be continued - enjoy the collection for now: 

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