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Online shopping with less waste

I had my star moment last month when I sold the first Sailor Pussy t-shirt seconds after I posted it.

But after I packed it, I felt all that excitement going away - DAYUMMM, I make some really ugly packages!

Why? Why do I do this to my precious designs?

Amazon box tossed on the curb

Oh that's why.

Branding's great marketing… until it becomes trash. 

Even if you're like me, and you actually reuse cardboard boxes to organise the many bits and bobs around your workspace, at some point enough is enough! Let's go to Ikea, or Muji if I'm feeling fancy.

Time to open up and neatly fold them cardboard boxes, take them to the recycling point and hope the container won't be contaminated by a greasy pizza box that'll prevent everything from being recycled.

But since I'm putting so much love into my designs, I had to save some of it for my packaging, to express how grateful I am that you spent your money on me.

Ugly with a good heart

I reuse the packages I receive from my suppliers: my pretty prints arrive at the studio in thick, ugly plastic bags, since most textiles don't need the hard shell of a cardboard box. The biggest concern is protecting them from moisture, light and bugs.

The upside is that I can make a very lean package, in case it might fit into your mailbox and you don't have to be at home when the mailman comes by.

Hand-written postcard from my personal collection: I loooove museum shops, and my semi-nomad days were also my postcard phase, because I knew buying the exhibition book'd be too much trouble to carry back to my homebase in Brazil.

Many ended up in obscure places and I never looked at them again, so I decided to use them for what they're for: writing love letters ❤️

I make custom boxes for delicate pieces: would I let the mailman jam your new Sailor hat through a narrow slot? Never!

So I save some of the cardboard boxes I opened and folded to create hat boxes, and make them pleasing enough that you may wanna keep them.

Upcycled packaging

What else?

Anyone working in Aviation or Mining will call bullshit on that factoid about Apparel Manufacturing being the second most polluting industry in the world.

Doesn't mean Fashion's off the hook, and it's not the big brands that are gonna compromise their profits by changing the game.

As an independent designer, I can be uncompromising on my stance for unseasonal drops, local production and upcycling materials whenever possible.

Cotton kilt
Like the Cotton kilt, made with leftover, unprinted fabric from previous productions.