Bedroom queen

When did I stop being fabulous?

Was it at the same time I realised that, actually, I was kind of a big dork? 

But when was that again? And why did it even matter? 

Even after taking a long break last year to do my own "intensive depression rehab", I still don't have those answers - thank God.

As I slowly get back to life as usual (or as "usual" as possible, in covid times), I'm happier to revisit the things I liked but left behind, than to dig out flawed memories of which cousin mocked me first.

And just like I concluded I wasn't into Pokémon GO - despite being so into the anime I memorised the original 150 like it was homework - making the latest prototypes showed me I don't really want the giant pancake tutu from the third opening of Cardcaptor Sakura. 

Dream dress - CCS 3rd opening
This one.

One day, maybe. Who knows.

For now, I'm feeling fabulous enough with what I got, as I dance alone with the iPhone timer on.

Dancing alone, cosplaying as myself

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Final prototypes and pieces made to order.

Made with stock fabric, trimmings and unsold stock from previous collections - celebrating the magical power of creativity and DIY spirit that kept me moving forward in tough times.