19th Sept. 2021 - 2-minute quiche challenge, and a sabotage

I've been keeping a Dream Journal since March 2021.

Some dreams have been very meaningful, even premonitory; and since I take time getting my thought processes into a logical speech, it made sense to me that I should share them as is - hot messes filled with as much angst as hope -instead of using them as inspiration for whatever (they really don't wanna be commodified... )

Hope you enjoy them!


A female chef (she's Japanese maybe?) instructs me, another woman (this plump Brazilian comic from YouTube's Porta dos Fundos) and a man how to make something that looks like a mini quiche.

Her hands are very agile at peeling cherry tomatoes with a small blade, then shaping the choux pastry into a small cup, and now we're supposed to do the same in 2 minutes.

I do a very clumsy job peeling the halved cherry tomatoes with my fingers in a hurry, then manage to make the pastry base.

Peeling a raw cherry tomato
This is not sexual.

But the other woman keeps getting in my way, laughing scornfully, and as time is just about to finish, I realise I have a broken pastry cup - plus baked unevenly - and a cheesecake filling with raspberry sauce splattered on the counter. 

I could try to make another pastry cup, but do I really have time? Or I could try my best to assemble the broken base I already have and scoop the most unspoiled bits of the cheesecake to fill it.

Either way, I'm screwed (because I started doing the quiche, panicked and ended with a messy cheesecake).

Broken choux cup, splattered cheesecake
Golden yellow choux pastry cup w/ pleasantly burnt spots... but mostly raw in the middle; and a splattered cheesecake. Nothing sadder than a splattered cheesecake :(