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Bedroom queen

When did I stop being fabulous? Was it at the same time I realised that, actually, I was kind of a big dork?  But when was that again? And why did it even matter?  Even after taking a long break last year to do my own "intensive depression rehab", I still don't have those answers - thank God. As I slowly get back to life as usual (or as "usual" as possible, in covid times), I'm happier to revisit the things I liked but left behind, than to dig out flawed memories of which cousin mocked me first. And just like I concluded I wasn't into Pokémon GO - despite being so into the anime I memorised the original 150 like it...

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The girl of my dreams

If you're anything like me, you spent your childhood and teenage years wanting to just grow up already so you could get your own life and do the things you wanna do. And then, as an adult, you end up something else, because what you actually wanna do is kind of embarrassing... Unfortunately, in my case, the more I worked on becoming smarter and cooler, the more I became a depressed blob who couldn't keep up with the most basic things of "adult life". So what now? How many frills do I have to pile up in order to turn this story around?

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How to take measurements to buy clothes online (the obvious vs. the easy way)

There's no such thing as a Standard size chart. Human bodies don't follow fabricated proportions like dressmaker's dummies or show dogs, so it's normal that each brand will define their own standards according to their style and their customer base. That's why I'd feel short and pudgy trying jeans at Acne Studios, while my friends from dance class get disappointed that even my size S won't be very revealing. Trying on clothes can be a frustrating experience - especially when you add stuck-up shop staff, bad lighting and covid - so online shopping can be your salvation, if you're willing to learn a new skill: taking measurements. (oh you'll also have to buy a new tool, a soft tape measure/ measuring tape. Or...

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Statement, wearable & immune to buyer's remorse: my Comme des Garçons SS 2002 skirt

I lied on my previous post. There were times when all I wanted was to be a Fashion person, and I felt there was a lot of catching up to do for not enough money.  I mean, €1199 for a coat + €800 trousers + €500 blouse + €650 shoes + €1600 bag = better wear that look everyday. But don't, because people'll eventually notice you're not that rich. Luxury upcycling queen for the people, Marge Simpson. But Tokyo's advanced capitalism was there to help me out with more affordable options, so I'd waste whole Saturdays taking the intercity bus to a luxury outlet far away; or visiting every new second-hand designer clothing shop I could find.  I rarely found anything...

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Still chasing my CristĂłbal Balenciaga dream dress

I've never been a full-on Fashion person. As in, keeping up with every show in every new season, and knowing every up-and-coming designer was never my thing. Besides, back when I got into Fashion (2006), it was really hard to get my hands on any magazine besides Vogue or Elle - Brazil edition, so I got better value for money from books that could either teach me the craft or teach me about the designers that'd mastered theirs - and therefore didn't have to chase every new trend.  That's the story of how a small-town girl got into Yohji, Comme des Garçons and Balenciaga instead of Dolce & Gabbana. And now that I'm allowing myself some creative freedom - since...

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