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A mature student's guide to CSM - part 1: Fashion Folio

Part 1 of the guide introduced in my previous post. It's meant for mature students - as in students over 24 years old, whose first uni wasn't Central Saint Martins, or people who were in a different course, a different career or even those who already have their own brand and decided to go back to a famous Fashion school to polish their skills and be at the same level as their favourite designers. All the content's based on my first-hand experience, so I'm covering two courses: Graduate Diploma, a one-year course for people who already have a degree or some work experience in Fashion or a related industry; and Fashion Folio, a full-time portfolio course meant for both BA...

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Preview: mature student's guide to CSM Fashion

This is the post I've been thinking of since I started this blog. The one piece of writing that could be useful to many people, and I keep postponing because I don't know where to start. After all, Central Saint Martins has a very unique way of running their courses, to say the least, and each person will have their own learning curve, filled with many a-ha moments but also many low points of excruciating self-doubt, depression and angst. It's very hard for any of us to describe this experience to someone looking from the outside, someone that just wants us to cut to the chase and answer YES or NO to one question: is it worth it? And, in...

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