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Luxury sweatshirt fabric guide

‚ā¨695 for a plain hoodie that says Balenciaga. I¬†see you lusting for¬†a piece of that market. And don't give me that attitude now, of course I know it's the brand name that makes a hoodie end up with such an outrageous retail price. It's even more outrageous when I know it costs less than ‚ā¨45 to be manufactured. But this is still a luxury house and even if they're not reinventing the wheel, their Streetwear needs to fit in with their Italian leather bags and jeans in Japanese denim. So what really separates the hopeful hoodie in any other concept store, from designer Streetwear selling like hotcakes for hundreds of euros? The¬†okay hoodie to launch your Streetwear label It's all...

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How I made Tech Packs for my first drop

Even though I went to technical school first, I only learned about Tech Packs when I got my first job, as a Product Development Assistant. This was back in São Paulo, Brazil, and all our manufacturers were local sewing workshops or independent seamstresses with a sewing machine in their backyard.They'd come to us, we'd have a chat about the design we wanted to make; give them the fabric, buttons and labels; sometimes lend them one of our pieces to copy; and they'd return in 2-3 weeks with a prototype. If it sounds too casual, well, it's because it was. And chaotic as hell. Most Fashion brands are, so all my jobs were less about making Tech Packs, and more about organisation: tidying up the...

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Tech Packs for Fashion: beginner's guide

Look up Tech Pack on Google and you'll find enough examples to make you confused, overwhelmed and bored to death. All the work looks so technical, in those dreaded Excel sheets, you now probably think it'd be more exciting to get an Accounting degree than to start your own clothing line. But you were brave enough to keep digging and you found me :D I'll teach you the tricks I use to help other small brands and total beginners. They're not super technical and you won't have the excuse you need to get a Tech Pack degree before you can get your brand off the ground. You don't. Or do you think I'd make my own work boring?  So enough procrastination, let's...

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Free flat sketches: Swimwear

I've been stuck on some of my super personal, super in-depth articles - but I've also been doing a lot of flat sketches on Illustrator. And it's about time I shared more of those. Click here to subscribe and get access to these & more free resources: Swimwear flats: 2-piece (90s sportswear inspired) Swimwear flats: classics (string tie up bikini with all the details, but you figure out the rest on the one piece)  

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Portfolio overview: final collection

The last project made during Graduate Diploma CSM ( 2015-16). "Olivia reflects upon contemporary digital existence as she translates her technical design background in construction into a digitally printed materiality. Interested in cartoons, she examines the way in which something two-dimensional can assume a three-dimensional shape. She draws out her characteristic colour schemes from the assembling and disassembling of digital photographs, and applies them to highly constructed kimono designs in satin with layers of lamé and crinoline. As a method, digital printing is the ultimate conjoining of a digital and physical approach to fashion design. Video games, magical powers and beautiful things inform the imagination of Olivia's design universe, as marked by the presence of the cat, a returning avatar in her...

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