Why I didn't apply to MA Fashion CSM (after doing Fashion Folio and Graduate Diploma)

Spoiler alert: it's about mental health (which I now prefer to call emotional and mental health).

4 practical issues I considered before making my decision, and the one invisible issue that was at the root of everything else.


A little PSA: Reckless, self-sabotaging behaviour combined with a low-key wish to just be done with this life?

There is such a thing as passive suicidal ideation, please do not ignore the subtle signs! 

I'm not gonna go through all the times I've acted out, and then revise these stories again and again as I put them in blog format. Bottomline is:

Sometimes, it's not just a matter of pushing through the pain.

If you feel seriously low and unmotivated: get outta here, and go talk with a trained mental health counsellor, therapist, your local suicide hotline...

Close this article and go take care of yourself, instead of asking me how to get into CSM.

Now bye!

 Still here, and mentally + emotionally sound?

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