What type of Fashion Mentorship should you get?

It's been 2 years of me keeping the Mentorship sessions as kind of a side thing…

At the beginning, I was mostly working as a freelancer making Tech Packs for people who wanted to start their label without a single clue about the apparel industry, while making some blog posts and videos to showcase the more creative work I could do - courtesy of my hellish time at Central Saint Martins.

My ultimate goal was always to have my own label - so I could make my own designs for a change - but I just couldn't quit writing my Fashion Tech support blog.

At the same time, I didn't want to be so ambitious (or pretentious…) as to think my content's the one to put a stop to all the toxic workplaces and abusive Fashion educators - come on! Fashion & Apparel is a huge industry with complex issues on a global scale.

So I kept being pretty shy and vague about what this Mentorship service was about: I could guide the ones with no experience whatsoever; but I could also help the ones who maybe had the skills, but were definitely not ready to apply to one of the world's top Fashion schools… 


Not a lot of distinction there, so how could you even know if I was the right person offering the right service for you?

Now you can, since I stopped pretending this is just a way to make quick cash to fund my real dream. 

Not only am I passionate about doing this, the whole "I wanna have my own Fashion brand" thing is also an extremely broad and vague goal. And much, MUCH, M U C H harder than you think.

I've been through all the shitty stuff, and I'm still happy to work as a Fashion designer-maker. 

My main thing is to help you adjust your mindset and expectations, while teaching the stuff that'll be relevant for what you want to achieve.

How do I do that, and how can you know if I'm the one you're looking for?

Check out all the details on my new playlist: