What to say when you've got nothing

It's a wrap. 

Since I had the privilege to study in two of the best Fashion schools, I wanted to share my experience with other creative people feeling stuck and thinking "if only I can get into that school, then my career will take off"; 

And I also tried to share my insights - from working in small labels, to freelancing as Tech Pack designer and Product developer, to finally starting my own thing - so people wouldn't assume it's the easiest thing in the world, then quit at the first obstacle; or be so fearful they end up staying in the research stage forever.

But it's time to follow some of own advice and give myself the space to apply this glorious education + the priceless wisdom from my (mostly awful) work experiences.

And also apply myself wholeheartedly to what's already on my plate: 

  • My very few recurring freelance clients, who so kindly keep coming back to me for intricate technical work that I actually enjoy doing (thank you for keeping my bills paid in due time :))
  • My label and the creative freedom I gifted myself (be warned: it comes at a very high cost);
  • The people already fan-girling me and buying my designs;
  • And the ones who keep finding my older Fashion Tech support articles, and are proactive enough to send me a DM or an email with their questions - keep them coming at hello@oliviasuguri.com, I always reply and sometimes they even inspire me to write a new blog post.

So just like I did with my YouTube channel, for now I've said what I had to say and don't feel like I MUST create content on a bi-weekly basis just to keep my blog looking fresh.

I'm not gonna start being super secretive about my work and my creative process, so if you're curious about it, follow me on Instagram @oliviasuguri.

It won't help you get a job at Louis Vuitton, but you might laugh at some of the nonsense I post and soon enough we'll become internet friends.

And if you need portfolio advice, career advice, business advice, design tutorials, cutting and sewing tutorials and what not… well, just try to squeeze good work out of me for free. Maybe you are indeed that smart (if you actually have manners and value my work, Mentorship sessions are this way).

See you sometime, once I have something worth saying.

Until then 😶