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Vintage Overview: French sailor trousers

Plus free flat sketches (when you subscribe to Fashion Tech support's newsletter). Continuing from where I stopped on my previous post: time to talk about my second pair of sailor trousers, the French one. The fit: Originally a generous straight leg, but not enough for me to call them wide leg trousers. I unpicked the inseam since I was in that mood, tried it on and realised it could also work as a skirt. But I decided to keep them as trousers and added a triangular panel between the legs so i could have the wide legs I wanted. You can barely see the natural curve of my tummy (that's called being a woman), so this would be a good style...

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Portfolio overview: Boro project (gallery + video)

  This is the project I made during Fashion Folio CSM ( 2014-15), and used to support my application to the Graduate Diploma course. Research & Development: Boro: "a class of Japanese textiles that have been mended or patched together. The term is derived from Japanese boroboro, meaning something tattered or repaired. As hemp was more widely available in Japan than cotton, they were often woven together for warmth. [...] Furthermore, during the Edo period fabrics made from silk and cotton were reserved for only a select portion of the upper class. Boro thus came to predominately signify clothing worn by the peasant farming classes, who mended their garments with spare fabric scrapes out of economic necessity. In many cases, the...

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