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How to draw Better, Faster, Stronger Fashion sketches

“Fashion designers don't need to know how to draw” Said at least two of my bosses in my short stints in local casual Fashion brands, where we'd be copying pieces from Zara, Bershka, Mango and even Primark, and looking up some generic bloggers as research. Those were boring days, making stuff that no one would remember after the next collection was launched, and the worst part is, if you get comfortable and stay too long in one of those jobs, you might never get a chance at the cool brands that were featured on Vogue and such. Still, I do get why many seasoned professionals would say that Fashion Design has nothing to do with drawing, because the level of the...

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Vintage Overview: French sailor trousers

Plus free flat sketches (when you subscribe to Fashion Tech support's newsletter). Continuing from where I stopped on my previous post: time to talk about my second pair of sailor trousers, the French one. The fit: Originally a generous straight leg, but not enough for me to call them wide leg trousers. I unpicked the inseam since I was in that mood, tried it on and realised it could also work as a skirt. But I decided to keep them as trousers and added a triangular panel between the legs so i could have the wide legs I wanted. You can barely see the natural curve of my tummy (that's called being a woman), so this would be a good style...

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Vintage overview: Italian Sailor trousers

Plus free flat sketches! As I wrote on my post about redoing a vintage kimono, I love shopping for vintage clothes, supposedly for research purposes and actually for wearing them myself. This weekend I decided it was about time I adjusted two pairs of sailor trousers - one Italian, and one French - bought in August 2016, at Cenci Vintage London (hint: don't be fooled by the number of followers on their Instagram, major Fashion houses send their teams there twice a year for research!). And since I had to take them apart anyway, there was no excuse for not drafting the patterns, as well. These trousers have no side seam, only an inseam; it's an interesting construction that is...

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Vintage pattern: French Sailor trousers

It’s that time of the year: the holidays are over and now you’re stuck with that holiday weight and all the articles on how to lose it. Medium tried to be clever and sent an article titled “How to eat according to your carb tolerance” on their daily digest, but I’m not that kind of person so I’d rather announce the glories of these French sailor trousers that, besides being very Jean Paul Gaultier-esque, is very effective at hiding a protruding tummy.   Italian sailor trousers on the left, tummy-covering French sailor ones on the right. And I’ve also promised to share the patterns on a previous post. It took me considerable time to prepare this tutorial, since I wanted...

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Vintage overview: Women's tailored jacket - Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons

Plus free flat sketches!  Fashion Tech support is now on Pinterest. In the very recent past, I still had mixed feelings about Pinterest as for most people - myself included - it is a tool for wasting time pinning away aimlessly and calling it research (that post is coming). As a Marketing tool, it's been very useful to see which pins have the most views. Between the technical stuff, only my flat sketch of a tailored jacket is receiving more attention so I'll try to offer more free flat sketches (in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015) in quick-fire blog posts, instead of full tech pack templates, which are very time-consuming due to my overthinking and over-worrying (that post is coming, too)....

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