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Quick guide of my content

Sometimes you just gotta figure things out on your own, and everyone'd better get off your back. Or you just don't wanna give your money to a person on the internet - specially me, since I'm always available to answer questions over email, and they even inspire new content for the Fashion Tech support blog or my YouTube channel. I've already given away 99% of the stuff people ask me and even more, so I came up with this guide to help out you fierce, independent creatives that just need a little light: On famous Fashion schools: My experience at Central Saint Martins: intro, part 1 - Fashion Folio, part 2 - Graduate Diploma; My experience at Bunka Fashion College: part 1 is already...

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Luxury sweatshirt fabric guide

€695 for a plain hoodie that says Balenciaga. I see you lusting for a piece of that market. And don't give me that attitude now, of course I know it's the brand name that makes a hoodie end up with such an outrageous retail price. It's even more outrageous when I know it costs less than €45 to be manufactured. But this is still a luxury house and even if they're not reinventing the wheel, their Streetwear needs to fit in with their Italian leather bags and jeans in Japanese denim. So what really separates the hopeful hoodie in any other concept store, from designer Streetwear selling like hotcakes for hundreds of euros? The okay hoodie to launch your Streetwear label It's all...

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How I made Tech Packs for my first drop

Even though I went to technical school first, I only learned about Tech Packs when I got my first job, as a Product Development Assistant. This was back in São Paulo, Brazil, and all our manufacturers were local sewing workshops or independent seamstresses with a sewing machine in their backyard.They'd come to us, we'd have a chat about the design we wanted to make; give them the fabric, buttons and labels; sometimes lend them one of our pieces to copy; and they'd return in 2-3 weeks with a prototype. If it sounds too casual, well, it's because it was. And chaotic as hell. Most Fashion brands are, so all my jobs were less about making Tech Packs, and more about organisation: tidying up the...

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Free flat sketches: Swimwear

I've been stuck on some of my super personal, super in-depth articles - but I've also been doing a lot of flat sketches on Illustrator. And it's about time I shared more of those. Click here to subscribe and get access to these & more free resources: Swimwear flats: 2-piece (90s sportswear inspired) Swimwear flats: classics (string tie up bikini with all the details, but you figure out the rest on the one piece)  

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How to make your own Fashion model template - video tutorial

Following my tutorial on How to draw better, faster, stronger Fashion sketches, I had to do another video showing to make the actual template - so the much needed prequel (yes, I insist on this model template thing! Wait until you have to draw over 100 rough sketches for an 8-look project!). What I'm finding out is that sometimes it's much easier to make videos than it is to write a blog post. And to think I resisted it so much! (I still have a long way to go, though, specially in terms of speaking in a more passionate or at least warmer tone.)   Tutorial hoarder alert! Have you been watching countless videos, reading a gazillion blogs and collecting all those pretty pictures...

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