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Why Pinterest is lazy (according to CSM Fashion)

Short & sweet post to address a misunderstanding arising from one of my videos, where I highlighted this quote: To be clear: 1Granary did not say researching on the internet is not valid. 1. Nobody at CSM said you can't do research on the internet. The internet is an amazing tool. There's so much you can learn from blogs and YouTube tutorials; You can read some of 1Granary's best articles on their website FOR FREE; You can find new designers and artists on Instagram, and connect with them; And you can start your research on Pinterest - for example: if you wanna find out a specific embroidery style you saw somewhere in the past, but you don't know what it's called,...

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Portfolio overview: final collection

The last project made during Graduate Diploma CSM ( 2015-16). "Olivia reflects upon contemporary digital existence as she translates her technical design background in construction into a digitally printed materiality. Interested in cartoons, she examines the way in which something two-dimensional can assume a three-dimensional shape. She draws out her characteristic colour schemes from the assembling and disassembling of digital photographs, and applies them to highly constructed kimono designs in satin with layers of lamé and crinoline. As a method, digital printing is the ultimate conjoining of a digital and physical approach to fashion design. Video games, magical powers and beautiful things inform the imagination of Olivia's design universe, as marked by the presence of the cat, a returning avatar in her...

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Portfolio overview: Project Me

The fourth project made during Graduate Diploma CSM ( 2015-16). 'What do you surround yourself with? What would the most authentic, unashamedly fabulous version of yourself look like?' Starting off with a stupid name and a proposition that was just too grand - like a dangerous mission on a sci-fi movie - Project Me was a chance to stop trying to be Fashion, and mix up my special blend of Kawaii Madness & Confusion to be added to my beloved everyday clothes. A sense of familiarity was meant to be kept with instantly recognisable pieces - a varsity jacket, Breton shirts, a kilt - but with proportions, colours and motifs that only a cartoon character would wear.         "Just this...

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Portfolio overview: McQueen project

The third project made during Graduate Diploma CSM ( 2015-16). Theatrical, dark, extreme. Every adjective used to describe Alexander McQueen's persona and work felt like the polar opposite of how I saw myself, so how could I relate deeply with this project and design a collection where my voice wouldn't get lost in his universe? My answer was to create a story of the light at the end of tunnel: a drowned world of anthropomorphic goldfish, inspired by Japanese tales and Ukiyo-e by Utagawa Kuniyoshi. And the results were... Meh. I didn't bomb this one completely, but I didn't do the assignment: this project was all about creating textile samples worthy of McQueen's most extravagant runway shows, and I did a much better job at...

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Portfolio overview: Cutting project

The second project made during Graduate Diploma CSM ( 2015-16). Being half-Japanese but growing up in Brazil, the kimono had always been an elusive piece to me. And even though I studied in Tokyo for 2 years, it was only in London, many years later, that I bought my first one! Traditionally worn in a very constricting way and with MANY layers as not to show any skin, in this project I wanted to use similar geometrical pattern pieces to make a more dramatic silhouette. Great ideas but zero execution? Get off Pinterest already, you won't learn anything until you start cutting and making! There's no need to spend a fortune or reinvent the wheel. But if you know you're gonna get in...

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